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2014 The Turkish international electronics show

2014 The Turkish international electronics show
Issue Time:2014-03-11
Turkey electronist is the electronic components, power supply, and embedded systems and other products, services, applications and solutions for international exhibitions exhibition display content. It is held on 2012 by MARMARA Exhibition group.The show is held with leds, power exhibition in the same hall during the same period.Attracted more than 14500 visitor from more than 30 countries.Exhibition area of 13500 square meters in 2013. The host MARMARA, is one of the leading exhibition organizers in the Turkey. its exhibitions Involved in the exhibition include: IT, LED, electric power, electronics, security, fire control, etc.

Turkey Electronist 2014

Exhibition Date: 2014.03.25-2014.03.27 

Exhibition Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
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