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Update Time:2018-07-19
1, What’s The Maximum Supply You Can Supply?
100000 Square Meter per Month ALU LED MCPCB
2, What Kind Of Products Are More Popular In Your Company?
Such as double-sided board, multilayer board, and aluminum board.
3, What Is The PCIe 2 Gen Golden Finger Plating Gold Thickness (Um)?
0.8um is the standard(IPC Class2) for all gold figure board
A BOM is a Bill of Materials that list the components required to build your project.  BOM’s include Part Number, reference designators, quantity, and description of parts that need to be assembled. 
5, Are Your Prototypes Built Same As Production?
Yes. Our prototypes (Standard Spec) use the same premier production (Custom Spec) processes as our production (Custom Spec) circuit boards
6, I Have An Urgent Order (24 Hours Working Time), Can You Do Double Sided Solder Mask And Overlay?
Yes, we can do double sided solder mask and overlay including nonstandard colors, copper weights, and material thickness in 24 hours.
Some nonstandard materials may take longer to the source. If you will need a board made in 24hrs that needs a special material let us know in advance so we can get the material beforehand.
7, Can You Produce The Boards If I Only Provide The PCB Sample, Not PCB File?
Sure. You can deliver the PCB sample to us, and we clone the PCB design, then produce the boards for you.
8, How Do You Control The Quality?
All boards must pass the test equipment and provide test reports.
Sometimes the quick-turn service boards don’t include the report. If needed, please contact the sales, they will send to you.
9, What Kind Of PCB File Format Can You Accept For Production?
10, What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity For First Production?
There is no MOQ limit for a new order. One piece or one panel is okay.
11. What’s Your Advantage Of LED PCBs Comparing With Other Pcb Manufacturers?
1). As per your LED PCBs files to production. The same as another factory.
2). If no file, you have the LED PCBs, we can copy as per the samples you provided, also we provide the BOM list.
3). We can produce PCB as per your schematic design. If you need, we can do assembly and tested, and you can get finished products
12, What Kind Of LED PCBs Can You Make?
Our LED PCBs include aluminum PCBs for LED lights(T8, T5), FR4 PCBs for LED Driver, FPC LED PCBs for Lex LED Strip. Such as round aluminum PCBs for spotlights, strip aluminum PCBs for LED tubes and so on.
13. What Is Your Testing Policy?
All PCBs are 100% electrical tested.
14, Do You Accept PCB Design With Different Boards On The Same Panel.
Yes, we can do different boards in one panel.
15, Can You Manufacture On High-Frequency Materials As TG170, Rogers Etc?
Yes, we can. but we don’t stock such materials.
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