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Update Time:2018-07-19
1, What’s Needed For Turn-Key Quotes And Orders?
Why do we need your BOM list?
In order to accurately quote your assembly, we need to know what parts we are placing on your PCB’s.  This will ensure you get the best possible price for your assembly without any re-quoting!
2, What Does Your Quoted Price For PCB Boards Include?
The PCB price includes board cost (unit price*qty), setup cost, electrical test cost.
There are two kinds of electrical test methods. One is flying probe e-test, the other one is fixture e-test.
You can choose the suitable method according to order size and frequency. (Less 0.2 sq.meter, the sample include a flying test.)
3, Can You Offer If We Only Provide PDF File Or No File?
Yes, we can provide you the estimated price, only if you tell us the board thickness, solder mask color, technics requirements and quantity.
4, Should I Send You My Files Again When Re-Ordering?
Q: I want to re-order PCB which you have manufactured for me before, should I sent you my files again?
A: I don’t change Gerber file, only send re-order PO. (Usually, re-order Min QTY above 3sq/m2) 
5, Are My Design Files Safe When I Submit Them To You For Manufacturing?
We respect customer’s copyright and will never manufacture PCBs for someone else with your files unless we receive written permission from you, nor we’ll share these files with any other 3rd parties.
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