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PCB Assembly

 If you need to produce a prototype PCB or PCB Assembly, PCBQUICK can provide solutions. Different  of the larger, less flexible companies, we bear all the work for our customer driven approach very proud, no matter how big or small orders.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to advise and advise you on any project you are considering, and investing in the latest technology means we can provide each component at the best price without compromising quality. Prototype and small batch work are ideal for contract PCB assembly, surface mounting and through hole PCB assembly.
Electronic Assembly Made capacity:





Solder PastePrintig


Wave Soldering

Nitrogen source: external

Max. speed: 150mm/sec

Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)

PCB max. area: 400*310mm

Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm

Lead free compatible



Accuracy: ±0.03mm


Accuracy: ±0.0024mm

Speed: 0.17sec/pc

Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)

PCB max. area: 350*350mm

PCB max. area:300*300mm

Available part: 0201 chip to 35*35mm

Available component: 0201 chip and fine pitch

Accuracy: ±0.05mm

PCB max. area: 350*350mm


BGA void(0.5mm distance between Ball)

Available part: 0402 chips to 14mm (H 12mm)

Minimum SMD resistor and capacitor: 0201

Solderability inner shielding

Minimum BGA R-VTx: 0.15mm

BGA Rework

Nitrogen source: NA

Nitrogen source: external

PCB max. size: 350mm

Reflow Soldering

Nitrogen source: external

Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

PCB max. size: 400*330mm

Temperature accuracy: ±4°C

Lead free compatible

Zones: 8

PCB Assembly Services:
1.  1-50 pieces of quick patch, develop sample.
2.Small batch (one piece of tape), SMT tape, DIP welding.Quick production, within 24 hours.
3.Prototype testing and delivery
4.AOI inspection and Electronic component assembly
Function test and inspection:
IQC inspection
It is forbidden to delay the delivery due to the defective materials on the line
SPI tin paste detection
Found the front process work out ahead of the next process
Online AOI detection
Check whether the product produced has the wrong leakage reverse, the bad material flows out the next procedure

SMT first piece detection
Ensure the production model of components completely with the customer by the assembly drawing, bom, prevent bad into the next process
Appearance test
Carry out spot check on all production procedures, whether it is consistent with the operation instruction
X-RAY- welding test
The welding spot of the invisible original is tested to avoid the short circuit of the virtual welding out of the next procedure
BGA device repair
X-ray detection BGA welding defects disassembly and welding under temperature controlled conditions to slow down the impact on the device and ensure the quality of rewelding
QA inspection
To conduct product inspections to prevent substandard product being shipped.
PCB Assembly Products:
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