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PCBQuick teach you how to pick the LED lamp belt?

PCBQuick teach you how to pick the LED lamp belt?

Issue Time:2019-01-15
1, the light should be uniform
Luminous uniformity has two meanings:

1) the brightness between the lamp bead and the lamp bead should be consistent, which is related to the quality of LED lamp bead.
2) the brightness of the LED strip shall be consistent at the beginning and end, which is related to the pressure drop of the LED strip.
The LED strip needs to be powered by a power source to emit light. When the voltage drop of the LED drive power source is relatively large, the brightness of the LED strip that is connected too long will be inconsistent.
2, light color to be consistent
Light color consistency is also a parameter to test whether an LED lamp with beads is qualified. How to tell: look directly at the light strip, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED luminous surface, and you can basically tell whether the light strip is the same color. When you look at it with your eyes, it's the most intuitive.
3. Choose the right color temperature
Generally speaking, the general space using 3000K and 4000K color temperature of the strip more. But for some Spaces, low temperature lights are necessary, such as high-end hotels and villas clubhouse. Create a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
4, color index to be greater than 80
The color rendering problem of LED strip is not very important when the product is applied to the indirect lighting channel, but when it is applied to the large area of luminous ceiling as the basic lighting or applied to the display cabinet as the display lighting, the color rendering index Ra > 80 is a professional LED strip must meet the requirements.
5. The light belt should be continuous
The continuity of light band is an important consideration for the effect in lighting design.
6, the installation of the line to be convenient
When used in the lamp slot, the lamp slot space is relatively narrow, if you still need to conduct wiring and fixed installation operations, you can choose to be free of tools quick plug quick connection, direct clip type installation of the lamp belt products. Usually this kind of product installation steps and methods are relatively simple.
7. Light efficiency should be as high as possible
For LED light strips, the importance of light efficiency has a lot to do with their application scenarios. For example, when applied to indirect lighting of lamp slots, the requirements for light efficiency are relatively lower than when applied to large areas of luminous ceiling or exhibition cabinets.

As a professional LED strip, under the premise of color rendering index Ra > 80, the light effect should be at least > 60 lm/W.
8, the length of the line to consider
The longer the LED strip can be connected to each other, as long as the voltage drop of the driving power supply is controllable, according to the electrical specification. (for field installation, this means that the reserved power supply position and construction amount are reduced. Sometimes, especially for the lamp slot, this is a very troublesome problem.)

The requirements for the maximum connection length will vary from project to project, but knowing the allowable maximum connection length of the product in advance is a necessary step before choosing the product.
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