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What is the cause of stratified blistering of aluminum substrate?

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What is the cause of stratified blistering of aluminum substrate?

Issue Time:2017-12-08
This is a title Delamination bubbles in aluminum substrates have been a problem for businesses that bother with aluminum substrates, so what is the cause of the delamination of bubbles in the aluminum substrates and how to handle them? How to prevent stratified air bubbles in the aluminum substrates.

Aluminum substrate delamination bubble causes:

1: aluminum plate material itself, but lead to poor performance of the flow of aluminum plate, resulting in lack of plastic.

2: A dusty oil lamp is present on the surface of the aluminum substrate.

3: Press the aluminum substrate, the pressure, time, vacuum, temperature configuration problems.
Electrical components inserted in the printed circuit board after the automatic welding to be carried out. In these processes if there is material blistering, in addition to the unreasonable processing of printed circuit boards, but also with the aluminum substrate solder immersion-related. Poor resistance to solderability aluminum substrate light leads to lower system quality and stability, while the entire component is damaged,

In order to provide the resistance to solder immersion of the aluminum substrate, it is necessary to reduce the forming of the aluminum substrate, and the factors that destroy the interfacial structure under high temperature. The improvement methods mainly include the treatment of the surface of the copper foil and the aluminum material, the improvement of the resin adhesive and the control of the pressure and the temperature in the pressing process.

The composition of the aluminum substrate resin, aluminum and copper foil molding composite material. Resin and aluminum, copper foil thermal expansion coefficient varies greatly, therefore, in the external force, under the effect of heat, the plate has a stress distribution uneven situation. If there are water molecules and some low molecular substances in the pores of the plate interface, more stress will be generated under the thermal shock conditions. If the adhesive force can not resist the force of these internal damage, the weak interface The occurrence of copper foil and the substrate, or the substrate layer delamination, blistering.

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