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TPCA Show 2019 shows the circuit board manufacturing trend for 5G

TPCA Show 2019 shows the circuit board manufacturing trend for 5G

Issue Time:2019-10-28
The twentieth Taiwan PCB industry international exhibitions (TPCA Show 2019) will be held on October 23, nangang exhibition in Taipei grand, this year the exhibition to "full of 5G NEXT circuit board processing solution" for the main shaft, 5G or primarily appeal face future demand for the new generation of 6G, can be found comprehensive and complete circuit board manufacturing solutions, especially for the 13 manufacturing tendency of industry focus on key classification technology, including: AP, SAP, mSAP, SMT, INFO, thick copper 420 PCB industry brands at home and abroad were invited to the exhibition field to display 1,432 booths.

5G will comprehensively improve the speed, stability and reliability of the network, and realize the realm of interaction between personal terminals and everything. The high frequency required by 5G technology brings challenges to PCB manufacturing process. As the most competitive PCB production base in the world, Taiwan has a fairly complete industrial chain, hoping to explore more business opportunities. In addition to the solution of 5G circuit board manufacturing process exhibition, manufacturing related supporting facilities can be found at the exhibition site this year. In addition, new product presentations on 5G issues will be held for three days in the exhibition site, presenting the latest technological trends of 5G and the publication of cutting-edge materials.

And over the same period of the exhibition at the 14th international packaging and circuit board seminar (IMPACT - IAAC), EPS - Taipei by IEEE, iMAPS - Taiwan, ITRI and TPCA jointly build the world's most professional indicators of seminars and circuit boards, electronic packaging theme for this year is "IMPACT - IAAC on 5G - Evolution & Revolution" main material under 5G) generation and encapsulation and forward-looking technology development of circuit boards, contains the heterogeneous consolidation of the industry's most ram, buried inside the substrate, and the Form Factor and other hot topics, from materials, plate factory, packaging, terminal and other aspects to analyze the full picture of 5G, a total of more than 200 papers published and keynote speech, it is expected to attract more than 600 people from the industry, government and academic circles at home and abroad to participate. Keynote speech, invited to have the father of the OLED title Dr Tang, SONY, TSMC, E Ink, the international electronic manufacturers alliance iNemi Techsearch with research institutions such as the six industry experts jointly bring exciting content, market trends BBS to invite more authoritative research institutions in the world, Prismark, N.T.I nformation, Yole and Techsearch experts together decades capability, foresee the trend of the open after 5G era tide.

TPCA Show 2019 will provide a platform for communication and sharing between PCB manufacturers and their upstream and downstream manufacturers. How PCB manufacturers can enhance their technical integration and overcome traditional limitations will also be a highlight of the exhibition. Rich and diverse exhibition activities, for the annual must not miss the grand event.

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