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Issue Time:2018-07-02    It's our best gift
In the past, the company has received many customers' Suggestions on our website, hoping that we can improve it.

For example, Mr. Sam from Europe hopes to directly check the shipping details of his orders on our website, and Mr. Zak from India hopes to have a direct window to contact our manager, so as to deal with some orders that are in a hurry and cannot be decided by ordinary salesmen.

In response to customers' comments, the company's leaders decided that manager Paul would lead the network department's colleagues to improve the site. The project has been in progress for two months and is about to be completed.

In the new website, we added logistics inquiry system and customer complaint mailbox, and optimized the original quick quotation system. All visitors can register as our members for free on the website, so that we can answer your questions more easily and quickly.

I hope every friend likes our new website      PCBQUICK.COM  
 more quick and more perfect for all
                                                                                                     from Jason
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