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K.F Company Spirit

K.F Company Spirit
Issue Time:2013-07-14
The company spirit helps the employee improve their acknowledge and devote own to make good quality products and provide best service.
Enterprise pursue:

To become the first-class PCB manufacturing enterprise.

Enterprise spirit:

Sincere dedication, pioneering and pragmatic, innovative.

Enterprise features:

High: meet the high-grade request, provide the high-quality service;

Essence: establish high-quality goods concept, make the first-class products;

Fast: achieve rapid response, quick delivery products.

Enterprise Culture

The core of business management : Integrity,Innovation,Performance,Harmony,Security 

Integrity: Be honesty and keep faith, talk truly and take actual action;

Innovation: Advance with the times,pioneer and innovate;

Performance: Performance supreme, create excellence;

Harmony: Unity and cooperation, Establish harmonious; 

Security: People oriented, safety first.
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