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New developing item - 5630 LEDs

New developing item - 5630 LEDs
Issue Time:2013-03-28
New developing item - 5630 LEDs
The 5630 Leds are widely used in lighting, decoration industry.Why is it so popupar? Because it has a lot of advantages that others don't have.

(1) Unit lumens cost is lower than other Top led, such as the 3014 LED,3528LED,5050 LED and son on.
(2) Big chip, can sustain the shock of the high current
(3) the finished product is a surface light source, is better than the point light source effect of the high-power lamp beads 
(4) the light efficiency higher than the high-power lamps'
(5) Thermal Dissipation performance is more superior to the COB integrated light source

Below specification of our 5630 LED will hlep you know more about it.

【Model】Pure White 5630 LED
【VF】3.0V - 3.4V
【Color Temperature】Warm white and Pure white.The color rendering index is greater than 70
used for LED bulb, candle lights, rigid and flex light strip, backlight, tablet lights, automobile lights, etc.
for example,2800K for Electonic Candle light; 3000-4000-5000-7000K for Ball Steep light.

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