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What does LED PCB design need to provide?

What does LED PCB design need to provide?
Update Time:2018-12-11
What does LED PCB design need to provide?
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For the PCB design of a customer who has a schematic and does not have a schematic, a program client is required. The specific business process is as follows.

 The customer has a schematic and needs to provide:
1. Schematic file format: PowerPCB, Protel99 / se, PADS2000
2. BOM list
3. PCB size
4. Component specifications
5. Fixed position hole
No schematic customer, need to provide:

1. Design the PCB size to complete the acceptable blank height of the shell (so that the engineer can select the height of the component)
2. Functional requirements (functions required to explain or detail the product)
3 customer certification requirements, warranty requirements
4. If a brand finished product, provide the specific model.
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